Featured Exhibits

Meeting Space

While the experiences of most visitors will be encompassed by the exhibits and public areas of the NHMSC, many others will meet "backstage". For school groups, the spce can become a classroom. For Partners and others, the space will adapt to their needs. Regardless, technology will be at their fingertips, as the National Hurricane Museum and Science Center will be a gathering place for those wanting to learn and know more about the weather and its effects on the environment.

Stories Unfolding

Located along the back wall of the Public Responsibility area of the exhibits, an interactive bulletin board tells the stories of the world’s most notable historic hurricanes, and toward the exit, a mini-theater takes visitors through all that they’ve learned here to discuss the arc of public responsibility that comes with human coexistence with hurricanes.


"Brown's Store"

Welcome to Brown’s Store, a center of local commerce and community that emits all the unique warmth and charm of Cajun Country. As visitors look around, they’ll find canned goods and other foods, fishing gear and household goods—and something else. Interspersed on the tightly packed shelves are video stories of preparation, survival, and recovery from a yearly unwanted guest to South Louisiana: hurricane season.

Behind the counter, a ghostly storekeeper appears and welcomes visitors, orients them to the exhibit, and relates various hurricane stories about the region.  

Reality Window

This doesn't take much imagination to appreciate, does it? NHMSC visitors should see a wealth of information here that will be sometimes exciting, sometimes sobering. It's an opportunity for parents and teachers to ask questions of their kids and students as well as reflect on the importance of the subject matter.  

Hurricane Awareness

In the Hurricane Awareness section, visitors are beckoned by a larger-than-life Christopher Columbus to step onto a moving walkway, which disappears into a long, dark gallery. Inside the gallery, the wind howls and blows, trees are bent to the horizontal, roofs and animals are airborne, sails and rigging flail wildly, real and replicated hurricane debris is suspended, and lightning flashes and driving rain augment the effects. This is a full 4D immersion gallery, where visitors experience a sample of the force of a hurricane (complete with winds at speeds as high as can safely be experienced), set in the age of Columbus, who wrote the first documented hurricane report on record.


The Sensory Hemisphere

Yet another view of the museum's ability to adapt to new stories as they evolve,  our Hemisphere will surround visitors with sensory information as the walkway moves through it. While is it appropriately located in the "Accumulated Understanding" are of the exhibit space, the LED projections can fill its sphere with whatever information we program into it.



41 weeks 6 days ago
A free webinar on hurricanes will be offered to grades 4 - 6 on May 10 at 10:30 a.m. EDT. Register here: https://t.co/ZKpVrB1SvT
1 year 4 weeks ago
Rumor has it that Hog Island near New York vanished because of a hurricane in 1893. Here's what really happened: https://t.co/5TTLWDWSXu
1 year 4 weeks ago
#Hurricane names Matthew & Otto have been retired, and will be replaced by Martin & Owen. https://t.co/kmoSJazG2d
1 year 5 weeks ago
The return of El Nino is looking more & more likely - that means a less active hurricane season for U.S. https://t.co/Ciex63Xn15
1 year 5 weeks ago
The NHC is changing the forecast cone to help you better understand the impact of a particular storm where you live. https://t.co/1cYhaPqYYD
1 year 5 weeks ago
This animation by NASA follows Hurricane Isabel (2003) from its birthplace in East Africa, to the United States. https://t.co/YY29HKFBcq
1 year 6 weeks ago
NOAA put 170 years of hurricane history into one interactive site. If you're really into maps, this is for you: https://t.co/pbGU6gzAwJ
1 year 6 weeks ago
Here's 5 changes coming to the way the NHC reports on #hurricanes this season. https://t.co/Y6H1u1Zk00
1 year 6 weeks ago
#DYK A hurricane makes “landfall” when its center, not its edge, crosses the coastline.
1 year 7 weeks ago